Monday, April 25, 2016

Quilting for a friend

I've been busy! . . . . just not all quilt related.  Over the past few weeks I've had fun with family and friends coming to visit.  They just all happened to come one right after the other.  I always enjoy the time they're here because they're great guests.  We have meals together then they go off and enjoy their day while I do what I want at home.

I begged a friend to let me quilt a quilt for her.  She usually sends her quilts out, but when I saw this top I asked if she'd trust me with it.  It just begged for custom quilting and feathers!  It was good practice for me to quilt for someone else.  I had to work on it to get it done!  I'm always amazed at the concept that things get done when you actually work on them.  The hardest part is getting started.

Fun with feathers.
Back of quilt was a wide batik.  The bottom is the
outside border.  Piano key design in the middle border.

The back could almost be a whole cloth.

I did the fill lines free-motion.  No marking.

 I'm also working on my guild challenge.  The binding is almost complete, just need a label.  Labels are easy now that my 10-needle embroidery machine is always up.  I usually just select a thread color already loaded then let it stitch out.  Expensive toy, but I'm having fun with it.

I'm finding mindless audio books keep me in the studio.  Sometimes I have to back it up, but I can work and "read" at the same time.

Thanks for checking in.