Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Update on projects

Just a quick update on what I've been working on.

I started a tradition that when my nephew's (so far no nieces) get married: I give them a tree skirt for a wedding present.  This year I have two weddings. I decided to revert to something I did when this generation was 5 - 8 years old.  I laid out all my quilt tops, had them select the one they wanted, and quilted it for their birthday that year.  I decided to do this for tree skirts.  I will see the couples this weekend so I will show them "tops" I have made and let them select the one they want.  I have three done.

The color for each photo is not true, but I think you'll get the idea.

This was the first one I made.  I saw it on Pinterest and figured out 
the pattern.  It has lots of good space for quilting.  That will make all 
the difference.  Otherwise I think it's a little plain.

This is my second design.  I first made this pattern years ago for my parents.  It
is a "quilt as you go" design.  I found the technique frustrating and decided then
I would never make it again.  I finally made it a couple of years ago, but just made
the blocks and put it together like a regular quilt. (Much better)  I left one set of seams
unsewn for the opening.  This is now the third time I've used this pattern.
It's becoming my favorite pattern!

this was actually a kit for a quilt - from my stash.  I decided to make it
up.  I'll cut into the top to make it into a tree skirt. The center
is a panel, the outside a border print.

I have one other pattern to put together.  I would really like to complete four skirts before Christmas this year.  Two for wedding presents, one as a donation for a tree auction fund raiser, and one for ME!  I'm making great skirts for family and the one I use is an old, plain one I made about 40 years ago.

I'm also making a quilt for one of my guilds to use as an opportunity quilt.  Photo to come later.

Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Works in progress

I'm currently working on a couple of projects.

1.  I'm making a quilt to be used by Old Town Quilters of Nipomo for their opportunity quilt.  It's a pattern from 6 Halves makes a Whole Lot More by The Quilt Branch.  A friend made it previously and I quilted it for her.  I liked it so much when I was approached to make an opportunity quilt this was my first choice.

2.  I would like to make at least 5 Christmas Tree Skirts this year.  Two (maybe 3) for wedding gifts, one as a donation for a tree auction in November, and one for me!!  I actually started one yesterday.  I ended up changing the border from my original choice, but I'm hoping I can salvage this one.  the other border did not do anything for the quilt., but even now it didn't turn out like the vision in my head.

 Thanks for checking in.