Thursday, June 30, 2016

Seven Sisters Quilt Show

Last weekend was our Seven Sisters Quilt Show.  I'm involved in the planning so I spent all of two days there, plus some computer work on the night in between.  I just finished all my thank you letters and got them in the mail along with two raffle prizes that had to be shipped.

My quilts did well in both styles of judging.  We have formal judging done by an outside judge.  Two of my quilts took top honors in the Miscellanous category.

Sponsored Awards are given by groups and/or individuals who establish the category and amount of award.  It is not formal judging, but rather a quilt (or garment) the judge feels best exhibits the parameters for the award.  My award was the Suzanne McDermott Memorial Machine Embroidery Award.  Since I knew Suzanne well, I was excited to get the first award in her memory.  I feel like she's looking down and saying "Good for you!"  Not so much that I got the award, but that I perservered and finished the project.

"Nine Fabrics, Nine Blocks" was awarded 1st place
and received one of the sponsored awards.

"Snow Blind" received Honorable Mention.
I found out later only two awards were given
in this category.  My 1st and HM.

You can't see much in the photo above, but here's a close up of "Snow Blind"
"Yes, It's a Panel" was not judged but I got a lot
of comments from atendees about this one.
Next year's show will be June 24 & 25, 2017.  Plan to attend!

Thanks for checking in.

Gwen Marston workshop

I had the opportunity to take a three-day workshop with Gwen Marston.  Liberated quiltmaking is not my style, but I couldn't pass up this experience.  Gwen is delightful and so open to sharing.  I've always felt like a fraud when it came to art quilting, but she gave me encouragement to just "do it".  I'm excited about my end result.

30 x 33 inches
I'll quilt with straight lines and heavy thread.
The "drip" at the top was not planned.  Nice!
 Thanks for checking in.