Sunday, October 20, 2013

Just an update.

I've been piecing but haven't finished any one quilt.

I still have to do some beading and add the "eyes".
Just a fun little wall hanging for Halloween.
Last Friday I attended a Friday night sew.  I worked on the kit below AND covered the board I use as a pressing station.  I keep the board on top of a movable kitchen cart.  It works wonderful.

This was a kit I purchased during a shop hop in May.
Some of the pieces were cut reversed, so I had
to make revisions to the pattern placement.
Previously I just had a piece of canvas
laying over the top of a board. 
Now it looks professional!


  1. Loving the monster quilt! (Saw your fall quilt at Paula's blog - can't wait to see that one in person.)

  2. Hi Janice. I'm glad you now have a Blog. And we are able to see what you been up to. So the Christmas kit we bought wasn't cut out correctly? I still need to make mine.

  3. I am enjoying your blog. Keep up the great work!