Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fall BOM Applique update

I now have the perfect example of things getting done if you just keep working on them.  My attention span is very short, so I was dreading stitching around the edges of the applique center.  I kept working a few pieces here, a few pieces there, and . .  tah dah . . . the edge stitching is finished!  Now comes the fun part - putting it all together.  I haven't even thought about what I'll use for sashing and borders. 

It's amazing how the eggplant changes color in the photo. 
The fabric is a very deep purple not blue.

Close up of the blanket stitch.  I actually zig-zag around the stem of the
acorn.  It was just too small.  I had a hard enough time with the larger stems.

I used 3 different threads for the grapes.  I'm not sure about the lightest,
but maybe I can tone it down when I quilt it, or add a little paint?  It
doesn't look to bad in the photo but it's pretty shiny in real life.

There will be curly cues connecting the leaves.  I'll probablly use thick threads.

The sunflowers are not my thing, but they were part of the pattern so I included them.
Thanks for checking in.


  1. Looks great. Now the tough part - putting it all together and quilting it. But your center block is beautiful.

  2. Wow Janice it looks awesome! I am still working on my appliqué!