Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer Solstice (Bonnie Hunter Mystery)

I just finished attaching the binding to my Summer Solstice quilt.  Bonnie Hunter called it Celtic Solstice in her Mystery.  The photos don't really show a lot because the quilting is in the ditch - or as close as I could get!  The binding is attached 100% on machine.  I found a flange, binding technique on a blog that I had done years ago but forgot.

I tried to show the ditch quilting.  I first did horizontal and vertical,
then quilted around the brown pieces to accent the curve.
I did not do ESS - every single seam.

I'm thinking about quilting the 4 patches.  Maybe an arc
around the edges.  Most of the quilt could be done in
continuous "lines".  One diagonal green, the other pink, with
only a few spares to pick up individually.

Back of the quilt.  I used up pieces of leftover fabric.
The brown print is what I used to pull fabrics. 
It does not appear on the front of the quilt.

The binding is attached to the back and pulled to the front.
You then stitch in the seam connecting the binding and flange.
Thanks for checking in.


  1. I think it came out great and don't see the need for doing anything in the 4 patches. Aren't you glad you finished it? It is beautiful.

    1. It does feel good to have it finished. I laugh at myself, why do I put off working on my projects?!! It's amazing what I can acomplish when I just work on the quilt.

  2. Wow, that is beautiful! Love the binding technique!

    1. Thanks. There are a lot of "lost" points, but I like the end result.

  3. I just googled Celtic Solstice and your quilt
    is the nicest one I have seen.
    You have a great eye for colour.