Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Guild BOM

I was in charge of BOM for my guild during 2014.  Members were given directions for a star block each month.  You keep your blocks.  For our January meeting participants are to bring in their top that uses all 10 blocks.  They can add additional blocks, but the 10 given through the guild must be present.  My directions were for 9 inch blocks, but the size could be changed.  Here is my result.
51 x 51 inches
The center block uses a stripe to make it seem
that the fabric curls around the star.

The 10 star blocks.
The blocks were constructed during the year as samples.
All I had to do was set them in a design for the January meeting.
Another guild had a similar program last year.  It was supposed to be a row by row quilt.  When first presented to the guild a sample was shown, but in order for everyone to see, the quilt was held up side ways. That caused confusion among many present, "Is it rows or columns?".  The discussion became so comical I decided I would do the blocks but with the rows all mixed up.  I collected the patterns all year but didn't start construction until after Christmas.  The blocks are 3, 4 1/2, 6, and 9 inches square.  There are a couple of coping pieces, but surprisingly not many.  My quilt got 2nd place in the popular vote at the meeting.

55 x 66 inches
The outside border is a border print.  The upper left inside
border is a section of the border print.  I have no idea 
how I'll quilt this!!

I have all the required "rows" but the blocks are set on point
and the rows go in many directions.  It was somewhat 
complicated to sew it all together, but amazingly it did work.  
I had the ribbon have a start and end.   I'm not quite
satisfied with the corner but I think you get the effect.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Contrats on 2nd place. I hope you confused those ladies. :) Just do an all over design on the row by row. It's busy enough that special quilting wouldn't show anyway.