Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Two finishes

Over the past few weeks I've finished two quilts.  Yea!!  One of them is a challenge quilt for two different groups - not due until July and December . .  . and I'm finished in MAY!

Actually, both quilts are for challenges.
The first challenge was 9 Fabrics, 9 Blocks.  You had to use exactly 9 fabrics and make exactly 9 blocks.  The setting of the blocks was your design decision.  Even the binding had to be one of the 9 fabrics.

Here's mine.
The pattern is "Isabel" by Fabric Confetti.  It's machine embroidery applique.
This is the first time I've done this type of applique for a quilt. In various
workshops I've done some little items:  Monogram a bag, etc.

The background is two different grays so I could make my 9 fabrics.

The pattern called for fabric here, but I chose to leave it off. I eliminated some of
the stitching.  I didn't need placement lines and omitted the close stitching around
the exterior of each piece. I still did all the machine quilting on my domestic machine.
The second finish is for two different challenges.  One of my friendship groups selects a "challenge" for the year.  I wanted to do state patterns (NY Beauty, Road to CA, Lone Star, etc.) but was outvoted.  We selected Stack 'n Whack - Kaleidoscope.  The next month our guild challenge was announced:  Use a book from the guild library for inspiration or make a quilt from the book.  You know where this is going - we have the Stack 'n Whack book!  One quilt, two challenges!!

I showed a close up of some of the kaleidoscopes in an earlier post.

There are "twirls" in each block and you can see the lines in the background.
Thanks for checking in.

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  1. Oh my gosh, love the stack n whack! What a great design! Also love the machine applique. I am hoping to learn more machine embroidery next month.