Monday, December 5, 2016

En Provence Clue 2 Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2016

I've started clue two, even though I have not completed the first clue.  I'm working it in between other projects trying to keep up with my holiday projects.

It's fun to see what others are doing - check here:

I have 40 of the 100 tri-rec units.  Four-patch units have not changed since last week.
You can't see all my fabrics.  I'm using light and dark purple/violet, green, aqua, and red-orange as my constant.  My neutrals are white with black.  I picked the colors using a piece of fabric I like.  That fabric may not end up on the front of the quilt.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Love that orange-red constant! It is very striking against the white and black prints.

  2. I like your neutrals, I identified three that I also have in my stash!

  3. Sew much fun! Are you sewing tonight?