Saturday, November 16, 2013

Two finishes

I've had a busy week quilting and finished two quilts! 

37 x 53 inches

One is a panel, purchased last year, that I wanted to use for a fall quilt.  I added a wide black border with leaves cut with a die cutter and fused on. I then quilted around each edge and added veins. The quilting in the border is a swirl hoping to represent wind. I did some quilting in the panel, but I wasn't happy with my initial attempts so thought I'd wait and ask friends for some ideas.

Close up of quilting.
Back of the quilt.

I also worked on a small "baby" quilt.

Lots of feathers.  They spiral from the center, then go
aroung the outside "border" strips.
39.5 x 39.5 inches

I use quilts like this to practice quilting on my HQ 16 sit down machine.  I'm very comfortable machine quilting with my domestic machine but I'm trying to use the HQ more.

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  1. It looks great - both of them. I hope you are feeling better on your mid-arm