Thursday, February 27, 2014

Quilt retreat

Last weekend I was at a three day retreat at Wonder Valley Resort.  Three full days (and nights) of quilting with friends.  I take projects that I'm stumped on  and get input from everyone there.  Yes, the ideas are varied, but with the discussion that follows I can usually work out a solution.  I also take projects I just need/want to work on.  I always hate for the time to end, but even though I'm no longer working (outside the home) I still have to come back to reality.

Here's what I worked on.
This was a kit.  However, I changed fabrics and with help
changed the border.  I will add a red border after I select
a stencil to use for the quilting.

Thanks Barbara for the idea for this border.  I really like the effect.

Baby quilt.  Pattern found on

Same pattern.  I couldn't leave out the boys.

The pattern (kit) is called Vintage Rouge.  I'm making a few changes - mainly
in the border.  I refer to the quilt as "Moulin Rouge".  This is the center section.

I got caught up on blocks for the pattern I'm making with three friends.
I finished the two blocks for February and got started on the March blocks.

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  1. Wow, love the quilts! Your block of the month blocks are really beautiful. Love the fall colors you picked. Mine will be Christmas colors...