Monday, May 12, 2014

Updates: Celtic Solstice and the patio

I started quilting my celtic solstice.  I'm doing the ditch work right now and there are a lot of ditches!!

Two weeks ago I purchased an outdoor heater for my patio.  Then we had a heat wave!!  Today I put it together knowing cooler weather is approaching.  Of course, one screw was defective (no threads!)and I can't get the holes to match up on top, but it's ready for my brother to hook up the propane tank.  (I draw the line at electrical and fuel related tasks.) 
Contacting the toll free number regarding the defective part was quite an experience.  I'm not sure what country I was connected to.  I was finally able to give them my address.  Now to see if the part actually gets here.

Several years ago I purchased the "Soroptmist" Rose at one of our conferences.  I've managed to keep it alive in pots . . .   and it's blooming!  Roses don't do well here, but I have three that the nursery told me would survive in our weather.  So far they are blooming.  (You can't really see them in the patio photo and a new photo wouldn't help as I "dead headed" them this morning.)

Thanks for checking in.


  1. That's what Debbie said too - lots of ditches. You'll love how much heat those heaters can give off. I can see us visiting and sipping wine outside and chatting about our long day of shop hopping! Will be missing you this week while we are at Cindy Needhams Linen workshop.