Thursday, February 27, 2014

Celtic Solstice Top complete

I finished the top of my Celtic Solstice Mystery with Bonnie Hunter.  I orginally planned to add a border with my "focus" fabric, but at a retreat last weekend, we all agreed the border would detract from the quilt.  I'll probably put the fabric on the back to show the source for the color selection.

This was my first Bonnie Hunter mystery.  I'm definitely on board for next year's design.  It is fun to do with friends, but it's fun to share with quilters worldwide!

Thanks for checking.

This is the fabric I used to select colors.

Quilt retreat

Last weekend I was at a three day retreat at Wonder Valley Resort.  Three full days (and nights) of quilting with friends.  I take projects that I'm stumped on  and get input from everyone there.  Yes, the ideas are varied, but with the discussion that follows I can usually work out a solution.  I also take projects I just need/want to work on.  I always hate for the time to end, but even though I'm no longer working (outside the home) I still have to come back to reality.

Here's what I worked on.
This was a kit.  However, I changed fabrics and with help
changed the border.  I will add a red border after I select
a stencil to use for the quilting.

Thanks Barbara for the idea for this border.  I really like the effect.

Baby quilt.  Pattern found on

Same pattern.  I couldn't leave out the boys.

The pattern (kit) is called Vintage Rouge.  I'm making a few changes - mainly
in the border.  I refer to the quilt as "Moulin Rouge".  This is the center section.

I got caught up on blocks for the pattern I'm making with three friends.
I finished the two blocks for February and got started on the March blocks.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Best of the Valley Quilt Show submissions

OK.  I am 100% crazy.  I don't make specific quilts to enter in Best of the Valley Quilt Show,  ( ) but last night I stayed up all night to finish a quilt I decided I really wanted to submit. 

I finished sewing the binding at 4 am, but then had to wash the quilt in cold water to take out the markings.  I laid it out to take needed photos.  I made the postmark deadline. Now to see if after my sacrifice the quilt is accepted.

 I did sleep from 6 - 11 am.  I'm not sure I'll make it to the end of Olympic coverage tonight.

Tile Quilt. Started at a workshop with Bobbi Finley.
The close up photo does not show the quilting well.
I'll try another shot later.
This is the quilt I started at a machine quilting workshop with Jill Schumacher.
I know these shots showing the entire quilt are not good, but I had to show
the entire outside edge for the show application.

close up of quilting. 
Jill's workshop really pushed my skills - just what I wanted it to do.

Thanks for checking in.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Machine quilting workshop

I've spent the past 4 days with Jill Schumacher (Quiltmaker to the Queen!).  It's been fun and very instructional with lots of time to practice, practice, practice.  The class has concentrated on whole cloth ideas, but she's shared a lot about quilting other types of quilts. Many of us have brought in tops and she's helped with ideas for quilting. 

She gave her take on designing your own quilting designs.  Specifically, I've wanted to design a 65 x 65 inch whole cloth and she gave me ideas on where to start.  I used stencils and came up with one 40 x 40 to work on this week.   AND I go back again tomorrow for one more day.

This is 1/4 of my original design - in progress.  Blue marks are still
visible.  I used trapunto on most of what you see.  Pearls will be added
next to the cable.  Stippling will help bring out the pattern even more.

This is a table runner I used as my first "warm up" project.
Blue marks are still visible.

Close up of the "warm up" project.  Jill calls the background design
"Jill's Waffles".  I wanted a dense pattern to help the design pop.
There is no trapunto on this project.
Thanks for checking in.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Sew Sunday

My team didn't make the finals and Sunday's game was boring . . . . so I got a lot of sewing done.  I added three blocks to one I had made in a class on Tile Quilts.  Here's what I have.

Wednesday - Sunday this week I'm taking a quilt workshop/retreat with Jill Schumacher.  It will be fun to have 5 days to improve my skills and pick her brain for design ideas.  I'll try and post what we're doing.  Maybe not every day, but at least once or twice.

Thanks for checking in.