Friday, March 13, 2015

Long Arming again

I have been back for days two and three of long arm rental.  I did another "practice" baby quilt and today quilted my one block wonder.  For the baby quilts I did overall fills, but today I tried to do a pattern.  It's very different.  I found that if I used my whole body rather than just my arms I had a little more control.  Luckily the top is very busy and the thread does not show on the back at all.  I keep reminding myself of how my quilting looked when I first started on my domestic - it was just a LONG time ago.
Two of the fill designs I used on the baby quilt.
These are two different solid blue fabrics but I used the same thread on both.
I did melons around the block.  This shows one center.

Another view of the quilt design.  (One of my better spots!)

Very busy.  The quilting will not show unless you're up close and personal.

I have a long way to go, but I'm having so much fun.  Just today I watched a video of Angela Walters regarding quilting.  A quote from her:  A finished quilt is better than a perfect top.  (I think I got it right)  I have another quilt that I would never get around to finishing, but now I'm going to use it for day 4 on the long arm.

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Are you thinking of getting a long arm now? Good point about how long it took us to get used to domestic free motion. I think you're quilting looks great.

  2. Good for you, practice practice!