Sunday, October 25, 2015

Two guilds, two workshops

I had the opportunity to take two different workshops Friday and Sunday.

FRIDAY.  Jean Impry, Garden Party.

I created a bouquet by fussy cutting flowers and leaves from various fabrics.  We arranged our bouquet, stitched them down, then the fun started.  We were to quilt (with black thread) around the various blooms multiple times and add some detail.  All this is done before adding batting and backing!

Design in process.  No details yet.

I've added the details,  I have a few flowers yet to finish, but I ran out
of bobbin thread so it was time to go home!

Close up of flowers.  The 'wrinkles" are intentional.  In fact that was a hard
part for me.  I kept smoothing out the fabrics so they would lay flat.

SUNDAY.  Patricia Beaver, Crayola quilts.

I don't consider myself a painter, but I was able to use crayons to color in a design.  I looked at design ideas on line - googling free, public domain, coloring pages - had it enlarged at a local copy place and today we traced, inked, and colored!.

I omitted the pumpkin from the center.  I'll probably quilt it in.
This is approximately 36 inches in diameter.

Close up.  The colors are very subdued so it didn't photograph well.
I may use a heavy weight thread and quilt over the black swirls.
What I won't do is embroider them by hand!

I'm happy with the results from both classes.  But tomorrow I have to get back to my deadline quilt!

Thanks for checking in.


  1. Wow - love them both. Your shading on your pumpkins is great. I want to see in person. :)

  2. Beautiful! I want to learn how to color for embroidery.