Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Martian invasion

At our local show I purchased an Amy Bradley Designs pattern, "Planetary Party".  I used some of her aliens to make a quilt for my nephews.  I originally wanted them to use her creatures as inspiration and draw their own, but they're still pretty young so that didn't work out how I imagined.  Instead I selected one of Amy's designs that looked similar to their drawings.  Meant to be a Halloween quilt, it really isn't, but I like it anyway!  AND . . . it's done and mailed!!!

The quilt is long and narrow.
It can hang on a door or be
used as a table runner.  It's
about 20 x 58 inches.

I hurried Monday afternoon to sew down the sleeve
and label so I could get the quilt in the mail.  I was so
proud they would get the quilt before Halloween.

Then while loading these photos I remembered . . . . . THE EYES.
I forgot to make eyes for the Martians!  I'll have to get the quilt back 

later and add them.

I couldn't decide how to make the eyes.  I didn't want to add
a button or something similar.  I'd like to make them some
type of thread embellishment.  I'll have to think on that some more.

I've had this background fabric in my stash for over 20 years.
It's one of the original fabrics by Mary Ellen Hopkins.  It was
perfect for this quilt.  ME always said "Use your fabrics because
when you die they'll use them for Halloween costumes."  I finally
used it for a Halloween quilt.  That's a much better use.

OK, now I need to start a quilt that is due November 9.   Of course it's last minute.  It's the only way I know to work!

Thanks for checking in.


  1. It turned out adorable. Good for you for meeting another deadline. I don't know how you handle the stress of doing something last minute. It seems like I haven't seen you in forever. See you at the retreat in a few weeks.