Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Last minute sewing: gifts

A few days ago the daily blog for The Quilt Show had a link to a tutorial for fabric sachets.


I decided to make a few because they looked so cute.  I ordered the filling from Amazon but it won't arrive until tomorrow.  Following a suggestion of the author I went ahead and made the coverings.  Now they're ready to fill when UPS makes the delivery!

Of course, I didn't read the directions carefully.  Instead of 5 fabrics cut into 12 total strips, I put together 12 fabrics using 1 strip from each.  They were already cut when I caught my mistake, so, "Oh Well".  After making a few following directions, I went off on my own and just started putting strips together.  Then I started using all my scraps and, following crazy quilt techniques, just kept sewing fabric pieces together.  From my twelve 1.5 inch strips I ended up with 15 sachet covers!  At the end I was really desperate, sewing in tiny pieces, because I decided if I had 15 I could give one to every female present Christmas Eve.  Now I  hope I have enough filling for all 15.  I have no idea of the volume from one pound of lavender and rose.

All ready to fill and stitch closed.
Notice there are only 14.  After this photo I realized I needed one more.

This is all that is left of twelve 1/5 inch strips!

This is the last one.  Look at all the tiny pieces. 4.5 x 5 inches.
Thanks for checking in.
Merry Christmas!


  1. You have been creating non-stop. Cute sachets and a great way to use every piece of scrap.