Saturday, December 26, 2015

Allietare!! Bonnie Hunter Mystery 2015 CLUE 5

This morning Bonnie released clue 5 in our mystery.  All we had to do this week was combine pieces completed in previous weeks.  Although we had to make over 100 total, it went very fast.  And yes!  I'm managed to keep up this year.

You can follow the progress of others at this link:
Monday link-up:

(Not sure what's happening here.  When I test the link it doesn't seem to work.  It's been OK in the past??)

These are the blocks for this week.  I used green in place of Bonnie's gray.
The other color are basically the same as hers.

For the first time in the three years I've done the mystery, I put the pieces
on the design wall.  I just wanted to see how my fabrics were working together.
This is only my third Bonnie Hunter mystery and I'm thinking I like using
scrap fabrics rather than a controlled palette.
Thanks for checking in.


  1. I love the green you chose. The colors coming together are rich and beautiful. Nice work!

  2. And you are guessing how she's putting it together. Can't wait to see how close you might be.

  3. While anticipating this years mystery I made Bonnie's "Garden Party" quilt (QM mag. May/Jun '15). It was a blast to make and I can now, without hesitation, go scrappy. You're fabrics are coming together nicely.

  4. That's coming together so well, you've chosen your colours beautifully. Excited to see how this comes together.

  5. Your fabrics are so pretty, the final quilt is going to be awesome.