Sunday, January 3, 2016

Allietare!! Bonnie Hunter Mystery REVEAL

I had a friend visiting this weekend and we quilted in the New Year.  She got a lot of machine quilting done and I worked on Bonnie Hunter's Mystery - Allietare.  The pieced top is together.  I just need to add borders.  Yea!  I added additional blocks to make my quilt square so it would fit on my queen bed.  (36 gold and 25 red.)

Look at all the others!

It doesn't need much of a border to fit the bed.
It's funny, but when the quilt was on the wall (and even in this photo)
the stars stand out.  But when it's on the bed and I'm looking at it, the
red blocks stand out more.  Interesting!

I used Christmas colors so I could use the quilt on my bed next
holiday season.  I added a few definite Christms fabrics.
I used green instead of gray.  Otherwise my colors match those 
suggested by Bonnie.
Thanks for checking in.
Happy 2016.


  1. Your quilt looks beautiful! Great idea for a Christmas quilt for your bed. You'll enjoy it for years to come. I really like Bonnie's design this year.

  2. Quilt looks great, I also used green instead of grey and will be making 6 x 6 blocks as well as I want a 90" square quilt, job well done !

  3. I finished sewing my blocks and have yet to sew them into a flimsy.
    Your quilt is beautiful. Congrats!

  4. Beautiful quilt! I really enjoyed this years mystery..

  5. Gorgeous! Your fabrics really glow, and the green is a very good neutral. Fast finish!