Friday, January 17, 2014

Room organization - for someone else!

I just returned from three days helping my sister organize her home office.  A friend did this with me several years ago in the studio.  It really helps doing it with someone - other than a spouse.  It was fun spending time with my sister and the result was amazing.

We started by removing EVERYTHING  from the room.  Not furniture, but all boxes, bags, everything off all shelves, and everything out of the closet.  We forgot to take a before picture (??!) but I have a pic of everything out in her living room and photos of the finished project.  I had to return home, but she still has a few items to deal with.  I left her by saying "They cannot go back in the office."  What to do with all the papers that accumulate?

These are views of all the "stuff" from the
room removed and set in the living room.
Everything had to be sorted and placed
in its new "home".

Yes, she has some quilts!  She IS my sister after all.

This is a view of the "new" office.
We found the floor!
We even got things hung on the wall.

The closet now has everything contained
in a tub or box.  And labeled!

View of the living room when I left.  Not 100% complete, but close.

All of these containers are empty!!
Several cartons were delivered to our
Cancer Discovery Shop and lots of  recycling.
Her husband was happy to make the delivery.
I have a quilting deadline approaching . . . back to the machine.


  1. Yikes. How nice of you to do that. It does help to have someone say, you don't need to keep this.