Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sue Garman, guild class

Yesterday I had the opportunity to take a class with Sue Garman from Texas.  I'm drawn to her work but do not do hand applique so I only admired from afar.  A friend's guild (of which I am a previous member) had her scheduled for a lecture and workshop.  I contacted Sue in advance to get the OK to not do the hand applique.  She graciously said "Join us!"  I had to wait in the wings to see if there was room after the guild members signed up.

Her lecture Thursday evening was very inspiring.  I liked how she would say "See this design . .  remember it" and it would appear in another quilt later with a modification.  She mentioned know your weaknesses and find a way to work around them.  (Me with applique!)  Even though most of the quilts were shown on power point, she left you wanting more.

I enjoyed the class.  She had techniques and suggestions, but encouraged you to find what works best for you.  I made my first block using freezer paper and starch.  Finished it when I got home.  Today I made a second block using techniques from Philippa Naylor's class.  I think this is going to be the one I keep.

This is my first block.  I still have to attach a center section in both blocks.
Although I was happy with this block, look below to see my second attempt.

Second attempt.  Using fusible interfacing allowed me to be more
accurate.  I like how the inner circle better fills the space.  I need to
work on getting the "spider" more even.  Overall, I'm happy.
Thanks for checking in.

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