Saturday, June 20, 2015

Where does the time go?

I've been busy getting ready for our BIG quilt show next weekend.  Seven Sisters Quilt Show, San Luis Obispo, CA.  It's a lot of fun, but a lot of work over many months.

I just have a few little things to show.

I embroidered the show name on aprons to be used by my committee.

Last night I wanted mindless work to do . . . . I was tired but wanted
to make something.  This was fabric I was never going to use in a quilt
and I had enough to make napkins.  The red ones are slightly
smaller, but a useable (dinner) size.

I purchased an embroidery CD by Anita Goodesign.  A friend made a
Halloween "black" work quilt.  I'm doing the thread work on machine so it
might actually get done.  I'll add sashing, borders, quilt it and call it done.
There are 20 different designs to select from.

I worked on the quilt I started in a Cindy Needham workshop in 2013(?).  The quilting is finished; binding attached but now sewn down.  I've ordered crystals and pearls to smother the quilt with sparkle.  It looks better from a distance than close up.  But it's DONE!

I thought I might sew the binding last night, but I cut my finger and
didn't want to chance getting blood on the white!

I basted with water soluble thread.  I still have to rinse the quilt so it dissolves.

Thanks for checking in.
Happy Father's Day!


  1. You have been busy too. The black work embroidery looks good. Can't wait to see how you put it together. Good luck at the show. Don't think we will make it this year.